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Kabbalah Membership Program

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Thursday, February 1, 2018 (All day)

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Price: HKD 420 per month

Take your study to the next level! If you are looking to explore more and deepen your Kabbalah study, KMP is the way to go. KMP will give you access to a variety of weekly classes, including weekly Zohar consciousness, New Moon connections, live streaming events, and special NEW advanced courses, as well as free access to a library of previously offered advanced courses!


Maximize your Kabbalah study in an affordable way! Join our membership program today and receive: 

1.Zohar class – weekly consciousness
2.The New Moon class – understanding the energy of the month
3.Get connected to classes and seminars from Europe online (1)
4.NEW! Ten Luminous Emanation course with Yehuda Ashkenazi 
5.NEW! The Journey of Your Soul 2018 – a new and unique four-level study path
6.KMPeople – our closed Facebook community, for KMP members only
7.Premium Plus Kabbalah University Membership at no additional cost – access to numerous lectures, classes, Shabbat & Holiday streamings
8.Special weekly night study
9.NEW! Weekly Wisdom Sharing IN CHINESE
10.Special offers and discounts on selected live events
11.Connect to live streaming events from the London, Israel and Berlin centres
12.Community gatherings, meet-ups and live events


Membership Fee:
- HKD 420/month
- This is an auto monthly payment. By subscribing, you agreed to Kabbalah Centre to auto bill your Paypal account every month until receiving your cancellation request.

(1) Online classes are hosted in Europe timezone. Live links and recordings will be provided.


If you are intersted, please click the below to register:

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